Handbound Leather Longstitch Journal with Watercolor Detail by Kitty Cat Stevens:

"I made this book for a friend’s mom, who is a painter. The cover is completely upcycled from a secondhand leather skirt! The strap is actually the old waistband of the skirt— can you tell? 

Secondhand leather. Watercolor. Hand-torn pages. This book is very “Kitty Cat Stevens.” It’s a huge amalgamation of pretty much everything I’ve learned about bookbinding. Like when you think about it, this book took me six years to make. I’ll just let that sink in.” Read More » 


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I have three such books that I can not bear to use…

Oh, but you must use them! You can’t possibly mess them up, and they feel so sad when they are empty. And, as a bookbinder, I can tell you that I don’t consider my books finished until someone gives them a home and fills their pages. Whatever you put in them will be beautiful because you did it, and it’s real and true and worth doing. 

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I love this journals! I want one as an art…

Thank you so much! These would make great art journals, as they’re made with mohawk superfine, a text weight paper that works well with dry mediums. :) 

I’m excited to list them in my shop—actually, the blue and yellow one is already up there. I think my favorite of the three is the blue fleur de lis pattern with red silk cloth. :)