When I talk about handmade books, I mean handmade. In my little living room bindery, I don’t have much on the way of machines or technology, so I have to rely on basic hand tools and my own skills.

I cut my paper and boards with an x-acto knife and a ruler. I sew with needle and thread. I glue up my materials with my fingers or a glue brush. I hand-sand textblocks if they need evening. I press my books in a DIY press that I built from MDF board and carriage bolts. It’s very much 18th century style bookbinding here. And I love it.

This work is so different from my day jobs—it engages my mind and my body, and I can throw myself into it with a zen-like focus.

Yep. I’m a bookbinding nerd.

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    Goal! I’m almost there, I just need the time and patience, to build a little press, and a few more lessons from my book...
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